Columbus Protection Order Attorney

Keeping You Safe And Protecting Your Rights When Domestic Violence Is Involved

It is an unfortunate fact that domestic violence does occur between members of a couple, a former couple or a household. It is also unfortunate that one member of a couple or former couple may use accusations of domestic violence against the other to gain the upper hand during a divorce or family law-related dispute. If you are caught in a situation where you need a protection order, or where one is being used against you, you need an experienced lawyer to help you through the process.

At Heagerty & Associates, we understand the fear involved when dealing with a protection order, whether you are being threatened by a spouse or significant other, or a former spouse or significant other, or you are accused of domestic violence. We know what you are facing and have the experience and knowledge to resolve the issue. Patrick J. Heagerty has more than a decade of experience helping people in Columbus and the surrounding area with family law issues and he is a former public defender.

Types Of Protection Orders

The two main types of protection orders issued by Ohio courts are:

  • Civil protection orders — Issued to protect an individual from another individual related to him or her, living with him or her or with whom he or she has a child in common.
  • Civil stalking protection orders — Issued to protect an individual who is being stalked, either by someone with whom they have had a relationship or with whom they have never had a relationship, from the stalker and to demand the stalker cease the behavior.

If you require a protection order to prevent someone from coming near you or harming you, our attorney can guide you through the process and attend the ex-expert hearing with you. We will help you make a clear case for your need for protection.

If a protection order has been enforced against you, we can protect your rights and defend against these accusations in court.