Columbus Parental Alienation Attorney

"The Kids Don't Want To See You"

This and other forms of manipulation typically occur when parental alienation is an issue. Some people are so hurt by a divorce, or have other reasons they don't want their co-parent to see the children, that they overtly and subtly undermine the relationship between the kids and the co-parent. If you are suffering parental alienation and want to normalize your relationship with your children, you need a skilled and experienced child custody lawyer on your side.

At Heagerty & Associates, we understand how frustrating it can be to have to deal with this behavior from your co-parent. We bring our thorough knowledge of Ohio law, as well as ways to remedy this situation to your aid so you can enforce your parental rights and get the time with your kids that you deserve.

Dealing With A Difficult Co-Parent

The most important step you can take is to document what is happening. Every time your co-parent prevents you from seeing your children or every time your kids make some reference to the negative things the other parent says about you, you need to record it. It is very hard to prove that parental alienation is occurring. A paper trail may assist in showing this bad behavior.

Our attorney works with you on this documentation, as well as with the courts to recommend that your children see an independent counselor. You can request that the counselor present a report to the court of his or her findings regarding the other parent's behavior. In addition, a Guardian Ad Litem may be involved, who can assist with solving the issue.

If we are unable to resolve the problem, a contempt of court can be filed against the co-parent who is perpetrating the problem. Patrick J. Heagerty is an experienced trial lawyer and is very familiar with the Columbus-area family court system. He will fight to protect your parental rights and help you keep your bond with your children.