Columbus First Offense DUI Attorney

Your First Offense DUI Can Have A Lasting Effect

Being convicted for the first time on a DUI/OVI charge is a misdemeanor first-degree offense. While this may not seem like a big deal, it can have long-term effects you may not have considered, such as higher insurance rates, the loss of your driver's license and difficulty getting a job. If you are facing your first OVI conviction, you need a lawyer who will listen to you and stand up for your rights.

Listening is one of our most important abilities at Heagerty & Associates. We want to know what happened from your point of view so we can build the strongest case to protect your future. We want your side of events to be heard because it can have a positive impact on the outcome of your case. Patrick J. Heagerty listens to your re-telling of the arrest and compares it to the evidence provided by the prosecution to see where potential differences can be exploited as he seeks the best possible resolution to your case.

The Consequences Of A First DUI Offense

If you are convicted of DUI for the first time, your potential punishment may be:

  • Three days in jail

  • A certified driver's intervention program
  • Suspension of your driver's license for between six months and three years
  • A fine of up to $1,075
  • Alcohol treatment programs

The higher your blood alcohol content (BAC), the worse the penalties become.

Our attorney is a former public defender who has been protecting the rights of people in Columbus and the surrounding areas for more than 10 years. He uses his in-depth knowledge of Ohio law and his skill as a trial attorney to put you and your situation in the best light. He is aggressive in his pursuit of a positive outcome to your case and works hard to defend your rights.