Columbus Criminal Defense Lawyer

Your Version Of Events Is Just As Important As The Prosecution's Version

Many people feel like no one listens to them when they are accused of a crime. At Heagerty & Associates, we understand exactly how important it is to listen and believe that your version of events needs to be heard. Our attorney sits down with you and listens to what happened to learn as much as possible before reviewing the prosecution's evidence against you. He uses this information to form his argument for your defense and fights vigorously to protect your rights.

Patrick J. Heagerty is a former public defender with a decade of experience in criminal defense. He is licensed to practice at the local, state and federal levels and is familiar with the Columbus legal system and those who work within it. He has a strong track record for getting the best possible outcome in his clients' cases.

We represent clients who are accused of these and other misdemeanor and felony crimes in Ohio:

We also assist clients with probation violations issues and will seek expungement of their records.

Understanding Where You Are Coming From

We know what you are going through and how terrifying it can be. We are sensitive to your emotions as well as to the reality you face. Our lawyer is honest with you about your situation and what the potential outcomes may be. He will guide you through the legal system while defending your rights and your freedom.