Columbus Criminal Defense And Divorce Lawyer

Helping You Regain Control Of Your Future

Whether you have been arrested and are facing jail time or you are going through a divorce, you want an experienced attorney on your side who will make sure your voice is heard and protect your rights. After all, these are issues that will impact the rest of your life, in one way or another.

Patrick J. Heagerty of Heagerty & Associates is a former public defender with a decade of experience in guiding people through the Ohio legal system for criminal defense, family law and bankruptcy issues. He listens to your side of events and reviews all evidence or information to ensure that he understands what is going on from everyone's points of view. This enables him to construct the strongest argument in your favor as he fights to protect your rights and your interests.

Your Interests, Your Freedom, Your Life

A good lawyer thinks about protecting all of these things when he or she takes your case. Your legal issue may have an immediate impact, but decisions made now will affect you for years to come:

  • If you receive a conviction on your record, you will face many future difficulties, including having to report this conviction on every job application you file.
  • If your spouse makes things difficult during your divorce, you may have to file an enforcement of court orders to get him or her to cooperate in the future.

Patrick Heagerty understands how these consequences can affect your future and will work in your best interests, whether it is to protect your freedom or your family. Everything he does focuses on achieving your goals and gaining the best possible outcome in your case.

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